Developer Relations: Advocates, Evangelists, and Avocados

A presentation at Certified Fresh webinar by Mary Thengvall

Developer Relations is an industry known by many different names. Developer Advocacy, Community Management, Developer Evangelism, and even, for some (seemingly odd) reason, Developer 🥑. You’ve likely heard these terms being used over the last few years and there’s a high chance that someone you follow on Twitter just announced that they joined Microsoft or Google’s “Cloud Developer Advocate team.” This talk will help you understand not only what all of these terms mean — Developer Advocate, Evangelist, even Avocado — and more importantly, why, as a developer or ops professional, you should care.


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

  • Blogpost with additional resources

    This blogpost refers to a previous talk, but covers the same topic as my webinar presentation, with links to additional resources in a shareable form.