Level-Up your Career – Become a Focus Manager

A presentation at Free Code Camp Vienna in in Vienna, Austria by Manuel Matuzovic

The majority of users surf the web with a mouse, trackpad or via touch, but there are also users who rely on the keyboard as their primary input device. Manuel Matuzović will illustrate in his talk who those users are, why there are more of them than you might think and what you as a developer can do to make their lives easier and improve the overall user experience and accessibility of your websites and web apps. You will learn about focus and what you can do with CSS and JavaScript to improve it.


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

  • Examples and Links


    https://codepen.io/matuzo/pen/jmZzPK?editors=1000 https://codepen.io/matuzo/pen/QvNJOW?editors=1100 https://codepen.io/matuzo/pen/EmKrZq?editors=1100 http://codepen.io/matuzo/pen/YVqRaj?editors=1010 https://codepen.io/matuzo/pen/xgwxNw https://codepen.io/matuzo/pen/YNyPMj https://codepen.io/matuzo/pen/BpQreX https://codepen.io/matuzo/pen/pRNVJN https://codepen.io/matuzo/pen/GrNdvK


    https://www.meetup.com/webclerks/ https://medium.com/alistapart/writing-html-with-accessibility-in-mind-a62026493412 https://medium.com/@matuzo/writing-javascript-with-accessibility-in-mind-a1f6a5f467b9 https://uxdesign.cc/i-totally-forgot-about-print-style-sheets-f1e6604cfd6 https://medium.com/@matuzo/getting-started-with-css-font-loading-e24e7ffaa791