Why Junior Developers

A presentation at JuniorDev Launch - Why Juniors && What’s It Like as a Junior && Tips for Juniors in in Perth WA, Australia by Melissa Houghton

Why Junior Devs? It’s no secret that the industry has a talent shortage when it comes to hiring developers, and with technology only becoming more and more integrated and integral in all of our lives, software development isn’t going away (let’s not talk about AI writing code just yet ha ha!). We need to invest in entry level developers, educate, grow, train, support and give them the opportunities to thrive, not just survive!

Melissa Ettinger is the Technology & Transformation Graduate Program Manager at Bankwest. Melissa has a background in Tech and still calls herself a Software Engineer. She started working at Bankwest as a Software Engineering Grad, finished the two-year rotational program in January 2017 and moved directly into managing the program. Prior to that, Melissa worked at a Software Solutions start-up in San Diego, California while completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. She is passionate about Graduates, technology, learning and giving back.


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