Melanie Sumner

Melanie Sumner

Melanie is a decorated, disabled military veteran who works as a Senior Design Systems Engineer at HashiCorp. She is an invited expert for W3C’s WAI-ARIA working group, co-editor of the Accessible Name specification, a member of the Ember.js core team, and a board member for VetsWhoCode.

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Continuous Accessibility a11yTO October 2022
Universal Design: Improving accessibility outcomes through universal design. EmberFest September 2022
An Introduction to Digital Accessibility Company Event May 2022
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Accessible Productivity Accessibility Camp Bay Area May 2021
Rethink Real: Accessible Web Development AuditBoard Internal Event April 2021
Continuous Accessibility EmberConf 2021 March 2021
A11y in Ember Ember Framework Core Team November 2020
Shift Left #PerfMatters March 2020
The Phenomenon of the Unlucky Choice EmberFest October 2019
The Phenomenon of the Unlucky Choice ID24 October 2019
Hands-on with Ember Octane Ember Chicago August Meetup August 2019
Don’t Break The Web EmberConf 2019 March 2019
Bringing Accessibility to the Ember.js Framework CSUN 2019 March 2019
Building Accessible Applications with Ember.js Accessibility Camp Bay Area March 2019
Comfortable with Uncertainty EmberFest 2018 October 2018
Let's Be Real Accessibility Camp Chicago September 2018
Ambitious for All EmberConf 2018 March 2018
Better Accessibility By Default A11yChi December Meetup December 2017

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