Advanced CSS & Sass for Modern Applications

A presentation at Smashing Conference in in San Francisco, CA, USA by Miriam Suzanne

Full-day workshop • Thursday, April 18

From building beautiful sites, to maintaining complex design systems across applications, CSS is the web-language of design. Like all web languages, Cascading Style Sheets have come a long way since their early inception – providing powerful and dynamic tools for cross-browser and cross-device interface design.

In this workshop, Miriam Suzanne will introduce a variety of new and advanced CSS techniques, along with practical use-cases, integrations, and pitfalls. You’ll learn how to manage CSS variables, grids, calculations, support queries, and more – but understanding the syntax is only a start. We’ll talk about building a robust code architecture with CSS-driven design systems, passng data between JS and CSS, and combining modern techniques to solve real, everyday interface problems. In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Modern CSS Features: custom properties (variables), calc, grids, flexbox, writing modes, advanced media & support queries, and more
  • Building powerful interactions between CSS and JS
  • Combining techniques to solve practical problems, from layout and theming, to interaction, and data visualization
  • Common gotchas and work-arounds
  • Using Sass to write more meaningful and maintainable systems
  • CSS & Sass architecture patterns that scale
  • Writing Sass & CSS for design systems & pattern-library automation

The workshop is intended for professional front-end developers with experience in HTML and CSS. What hardware/software do you need?

Bring your own laptop, your favorite text editor, and any practical CSS issues you’re facing.