Resilient Web Systems with CSS & Sass

A presentation at Smashing Online Workshops by Miriam Suzanne

From building beautiful sites to maintaining complex design systems across multiple applications, CSS is the web-language of design.

Join Miriam for a deep-dive into the heart of CSS: how it works, what makes it special, and how we can harness it for resilient and maintainable design systems that scale. Rather than learning a single convention or toolkit, you’ll learn the fundamentals that all conventions share – how to think with CSS, and make smart decisions for your own project.

Since it was first proposed in 1994, CSS has attempted to solve two important problems:

  • How can we design with systems that keep our work consistent, performant, and maintainable?
  • How can we design with resilience across a wide range of interfaces – past, present, and future?

Now we’re building full mobile and desktop-style applications on the web, and those core CSS questions are more essential than ever. We need systems that scale, with resilience across an ever-growing range of bowsers and devices. Can we write CSS that’s up to the task?