Pragmatic Web Performance

A presentation at GitLab Virtual Contribute by Denys Mishunov

There are a lot of different values, measurements, and significant times when it comes to web performance. However, most of those do not take into consideration your project, your architecture and your project’s audience into consideration. Those are good generic starting points. However, fighting to get those values to some artificial number might take a lot of time and resources. At the end of the day, you might even find out that even lower generic numbers don’t mean better performance of your project. In this workshop/talk, I will discuss the ways to measure what really matters for a product, page, and even a separate component. We will discuss and see examples of how to use those measurements for your benefits. Also, we will talk about perceived performance as another totally valid tool to manage performance of your projects. This workshop/lecture is about technology, but also about people and psychology. Intended Audience: Developers, Engineering Managers Mostly a presentation with practical examples


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