Unpacking the Container: A Crash Course in Virtualized Container Technology

A presentation at IndyPy Meetup in in Indianapolis, IN, USA by Melissa McKay

Containers have become integral to every phase in the lifecycle of application development. Production grade orchestration tools such as Kubernetes have been built to manage them and container platforms like Docker are becoming commonplace in both testing and development. Web tutorials on how to build and manage simple Docker images abound! But what are containers exactly and why have they become so essential to the DevOps ecosystem? This session is for those curious minds who want to look below the surface and really understand the mechanics of a technique that has actually been around longer than you may think.

  • Where did Docker come from?
  • What about other projects in the container ecosystem - are there alternatives?
  • What does a Docker image actually look like on the filesystem?
  • How do Docker image layers work?
  • What are cgroups?
  • How are system resources allocated and managed?
  • Are there any gotchas that you should be aware of?
  • What about security?
  • How do I manage my Docker images?