7 Reasons to use Apache Flink for your IoT Project: How We Built a Real-time Asset Tracking System

A presentation at ApacheCon Europe 2019 in in Berlin, Germany by Marta Paes

IoT data poses several challenges to data processing systems. The volume of machine-generated data is huge, users expect timely reactions as soon as real-world events are detected by remote sensors, and connections to edge devices often suffer from varying and often high transfer latencies, resulting in data arriving out-of-order. Apache Flink is an open-source stream processor, that addresses the challenges that IoT data presents. Flink applications run in production at a massive scale at many enterprises and companies, including Alibaba, Netflix, and Uber. In this talk, we will discuss seven reasons why Apache Flink is well-suited for your IoT data project and present how we built a system for real-time RFID asset tracking that is backed by Apache Flink.