When things go wrong…

A presentation at The Craft of Words · Workshop by Mr Murphy

Writing should be a part of every designer’s toolbox. Words are an interface component. Learning to work with words will help you to improve as a designer and, as a result, lead to happier users and happier clients.

In this short presentation, I explore the importance of writing helpful error messages. A part of my full day workshop on ‘The Craft of Words’ – which focuses on the importance of words in UX and UI design – this is the first of a series of workshop components I’ll be publishing in 2019.


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

  • The Craft of Words, Parts 1 and 2

    Look carefully and you’ll notice that many of the most successful designs are built around words. Apple tantalises us with the ability to hold, “thousands of songs in your pocket.” MailChimp has created a wonderfully engaging brand, heavily focused around language.

    Almost every interaction you make – whether online or offline – involves words. Words can help, words can hinder. As a designer you owe it to yourself, and your clients, to learn about the power of words. Writing should be a part of every designer’s toolbox and learning to work with words will help you to improve as a designer. These two short books teach you how words can transform your design and delight your users.

  • MailChimp Content Style Guide

    MailChimp’s Content Style Guide is an excellent guide to writing well and writing for humans.