Album : taylor swift midnights ( Leak Mp3 ) ( Zip Download)

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Album : taylor swift midnights ( Leak Mp3 ) ( Zip Download) | Two days before “Midnights” drop, Swifties are at a tailspin after a number of songs from Taylor’s newest album was leaked online.

Few swifties have already heard snippets of the songs “Lavender Haze,” “Snow on the Beach,” “Karma,” and “Anti-Hero.”

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01 Lavender Haze 02 Maroon 03 Anti-Hero 04 Snow on the Beach (feat. Lana Del Rey) 05 You’re on Your Own, Kid 06 Midnight Rain 07 Question…? 08 Vigilante Shit 09 Bejeweled 10 Labyrinth 11 Karma 12 Sweet Nothing 13 Mastermind

But to not preempt their anticipation and respect the actual release of Taylor Swift, the Swifties were hand in hand to keep the public from hearing the songs prematurely.

If one checks the trending topics on Twitter, the words “MIDNIGHTS LEAK” and “TAYLOR SWIFT LEAK” is among the two most-talked-about topics worldwide.

But upon clicking it, a flurry of videos will welcome users. But these are not the actual leaked versions of the “Midnights” tracks, as Swifties have click-baited users creatively into listening to either Taylor Swift’s old songs or a sped-up version of other songs.

Users have effectively buried the leaks online, as even a 10-minute scroll down to the top and latest tweets would still lead to edited videos and snippets. For those who caught the first few hours since it leaked, Swifties have orchestrated a massive report movement of the Tweets with the actual leaks.

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However, some anonymous users who apparently heard the songs have taken to Reddit to share their initial thoughts on the songs.

“What I heard so far sounds pop but with some of Aaron’s influence. Like it’s not as bubblegum pop as lover was. I would say it’s more dreamy pop

And I’m officially obsessed with sotb. So ethereal,” a user posted.

“I think I’m gonna struggle with discussing the album on this sub tbh as it seems there’s quite a bit of negativity already, and it always influences me. I hope y’all love the album a bit more once it officially drops,” another pointed out.

“Midnights” is set to release on October 21, as Taylor Swift officially announced on the MTV Video Music Awards last August 2022.

The lead single of “Anti-Hero,” the album’s lead single, is due to release at 8:00 in the morning of October 21, 8 hours after the actual album is released at midnight, as listed on Swift’s “Midnights” calendar.

At 3:00 PM on the same day, Taylor is slated to give out “a very special chaotic surprise” for her loyal fanbase, something to keep everyone at the edge of their seats.