Micro Frontends - Think Smaller, Avoid the Monolith Love the Backend

A presentation at Web Rebels in in Oslo, Norway by Michael Geers

Micro Frontends - Think Smaller, Avoid the Monolith, Love the Backend

Micro Frontends - Think Smaller, Avoid the Monolith, Love the Backend

Microservices are the backend answer to handling complexity and work efficiently with multiple teams. Many frontend apps are also reaching the size where development gets harder and changing fundamental things is too risky. The software does not fit in one frontend developers head any more. Micro Frontends is a way of cutting your software into pieces that can live on their own and are each operated by an end-to-end team. It’s not microservices for frontend people. Think of it as full stack microservices that come with database and user interface. This solves many issues. One of them is briding the gap between frontend and backend developers.

Integrating the UI of multiple applications in the browser, so that the user still gets a seamless and coherent experience comes with a few challenges. This talk explains the Micro Frontends idea, when this concept is useful and what problems it tries to solve. It’ll also highlight topics that you should think about when you build applications this way.



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