Human Centered Branding: The Key to Marketing with Authenticity

A presentation at Digital Olympus by Nela Dunato

Branding approaches that are typically taught in books and universities are designed for corporations and startups. Unfortunately, they don’t work so well for service oriented businesses, such as creative agencies and freelancers. Marketing consultants need to pay attention to these differences when managing other people's brands, as well as maintaining their own brand. Today’s consumers are well educated and have more options at their fingertips than ever. They can smell manipulation and dishonesty from a mile away. Businesses need to change their approach to branding and marketing if they want to grow a loyal audience. Human centered branding excels where corporate and personal branding both fall short. In this talk, you’ll get practical tips on how to grow a relationship-focused business and connect with your clients on a deeper level. And if your clients are service based businesses as well, you'll learn an indispensable framework that will transform your approach to marketing.