Gamification of Software Testing - a bit of fun, or a valuable endeavour

A presentation at Agile2018 in in San Diego, CA, USA by nicola sedgwick

Abstract: You’re in a test team, you work on test projects and for your work you receive a wage and maybe bonuses, promotions and other benefits. So why gamify? Sometimes it’s just about bringing some new energy to a team or for a team bonding session. However, sometimes it's about needing to arrange gamification is useful for incentivising non-testing colleagues to feed back on new developments (anyone can have a valid point of view) as well as directing the efforts of outsourced teams. This workshop will cover:

Current uses of gamification in the crowd-sourced testing world (15 mins)

[Exercise] Gamifying a testing mission(15 mins)

[Discussion] How to spot “gamers” and reduce any negative impact by supporting, thwarting, encouraging or utilising their skills (10 mins)

[Exercise] Gaming the system (15 mins)

[Discussion] Real life application of ideas and techniques (10 mins)

Wrap up & questions (10 mins)

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Testers have specialist skills but can utilise non-testers, or remote testers, to help with testing tasks
  2. Using non-testers, or remote testers, to help with testing requires careful planning, incentivisation and support
  3. Properly incentivised helpers can enhance and improve the testing process
  4. Framework that can be taken into the workplace and used to start gamifying straight away
  5. How non-testing colleagues are involved in testing activities they gain added respect for the work that testers do