The Opposite of the Royal We

A presentation at RGD Creative Directions 2020 by Nuff

What Solo Designers Know

Interested in working by yourself? Experienced solo designers offer tips specific to their roles as both freelancers, working for creative agencies, and as solopreneurs, working directly for clients.


David Nuff RGD, Freelance Designer in Toronto Topic: The Opposite of the Royal We

Marta Ryczko, Freelance Designer in Toronto Topic: Sidepiece: How, When and Why you should start a Side Project

Cai Sepulis RGD, Freelance Illustrator/designer/art director at Ballyhoo Media in Guelph Topic: Solo Designers: The Jack (and Jill) of all Trades

Carson Ting, Creative & Partner at Chairman Ting Industries in Vancouver Topic: Creating Your Own Opportunities.


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