Oleg Šelajev

Oleg Šelajev

Oleg Šelajev is a developer advocate at AtomicJar, working with the Testcontainers community to make integration tests better and a way more popular tool for developers! He helps organizing VirtualJUG, the online Java User Group, streams on youtube, and loves all programming languages. In 2017 became a Java Champion.

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Learn Kubernetes the Java way Devnexus 2023 April 2023
Better integration tests for Kafka applications with Testcontainers Kafka meetup April 2023
Testcontainers and SpringBoot: from integration tests to local development Spring IO 2022 May 2022
Rethinking integration testing with Testcontainers Devoxx UK May 2022
How to make a world-class integration testing library? DevXConf May 2022
Removing complexity from integration tests using Testcontainers! DevOpsCon London April 2022
Productivity, Sustainability, and Fun in modern Java Devoxx Ukraine November 2021
Cloud native Java microservices with GraalVM native image Devoxx UK November 2021

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