Learn Kubernetes the Java way

A presentation at Devnexus 2023 in in Atlanta, GA, USA by Oleg Šelajev

Are you a Java developer making the first steps with cloud based technologies? Is learning Kubernetes the hard way a bit too… hard?

Worry not! In this session, we’ll go over the fundamentals of k8s to make your journey into using it simpler and more enjoyable. In a true Java fashion we’ll start with a Factory… kidding! with a test-driven exploration of what k8s is, its concepts and capabilities and learn why it’s such a powerful tool.

We’ll write tests that spin real k8s clusters with Testcontainers, explore what happens inside, break the assumptions, and truly get that first hands-on experience that’ll make you both confident and a bit dangerous at working with this 10-letter staple of the clouds.

PS. there will be yaml, but as little as possible, pinky promise!


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