DevOps - The Culture is a Lie

A presentation at DevOpsDays Kiev in in Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000 by Paul Czarkowski

We’ve been focusing on the wrong part of CALMS. Sure you can set incentives, you can reorganize and adopt SCRUM, but rarely does one achieve a devops culture through business led “digital transformation”. Pulling from his personal experience in guerilla devops tactics, Paul will talk about the concrete steps that you as a practitioner can utilize.

While others fritter away at “culture,” you can tackle the practical portion of CALMS (Automation, Measurement, and Sharing) to start immediately improving your daily work, your team’s, and, ultimately, your entire organization. Before you know it, you’ll layed the foundation for actually having a devops culture. Sure, “culture” is important, but we’ve been fixated on it so long that we’ve sidelined the things that make devops life possible, and better. Paul will fill in those gaps and finally give you something to do other than fight yet another organization culture war.


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