Anti-static requirements for PCBA patch processing and production

A presentation at Tech Talk @ Tagesspiegel by JS pcbasic

PCBA production often involves various electrostatic sensitive electronic components. And some PCBA process flow with specific requirements for electrostatic protection. So certain anti-static requirements are required in the PCBA manufacturing process. Electrostatic warning signs are mainly used to post, hang, and place on PCBA factory, equipment, components, and packaging to remind people of the possibility of electrostatic discharge or electrical overload damage during operation.

Workshop anti-static requirements According to the PCBA technology level requirements, the production workshop should be equipped with corresponding anti-static facilities. And the ground wire should be independent and reliable in PCBA processes. Keep constant temperature and humidity in the workshop. The PCBA factory should isolate the static-safe working area and affix obvious anti-static warning signs.

PCBA company should inspect the grounding system outside the workshop once a year. And they shall check the grounding systems once every six months in the workshop, and make corresponding records.

The workshop’s temperature and humidity are controlled at (25±2)℃ and 65%±5%RH in the PCBA manufacturing process.

Statutory protection requirements for employees When entering the anti-static area, you must wear anti-static overalls and anti-static shoes as required;

Before touching electrostatic-sensitive components, you must wear a grounding wrist strap or grounding foot strap as required and pass the corresponding electrostatic test;

Articles prone to static electricity are not allowed to be brought into the anti-static area;

The PCBA company must store handling, storage, and distribution of electrostatic-sensitive components in anti-static packaging.

Trolleys and shelves used for anti-static during PCBA production must have proper grounding devices.

Anti-static work clothes and work shoes are prohibited from being worn out of the PCBA production area. And pcba factory should regularly clean according to regulations.

The cleaning of the anti-static work surface must use a cleaning agent approved by the electrostatic protection personnel.

Avoid placing static sensitive pcba electronics and circuit boards with plastic products or tools (such as computers and computer terminals).

Connect all tools and machines to the ground in pcba production.

Use static protection table mats in the pcba manufacturing process.

Employees who are not wearing wrist straps are prohibited from approaching the static protection workstation.

Immediately report all possible causes of electrostatic damage.


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