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A presentation at Tech Talk @ Tagesspiegel by JS pcbasic

PCBabsic is a professional PCBA manufacturer with 12 years of production experience. Our unique advantages: 1. Rapid delivery for small batch productions 2. Quality assurance - Full refund in case of quality problems, no questions asked. 3. Need assembly? We cover the PCB cost for you.4.Confidential and Nondisclosure Agreement:We protect the Intellectual Property for our customers in the whole process. Our staff of trained professionals are all working under a strict confidentiality contract and keep the business secrets.5.Flexibility:Customers-oriented. We forever center on customers’ demands, constantly update and introduce into technology, fully understand customers’ requirements and offer our professional suggestion. Our factory is located in the advanced equipment Shajing Industrial Park in Shenzhen. We specialize in one-stop fast production of multi-variety small batch R&D, PCBA to finished product assembly. We have over 200 employees, 30 senior engineering and technical personnel, over 20 quality management personnel, 10 senior R&D engineers, 8 fully automatic SMT patch production lines, 1 DIP wave production line, and multiple post-welding assembly production lines. Equipped with a series of high-precision automated production equipment and quality control systems to ensure that our product quality is always stable and reliable.


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  • Top PCBA Factory

    PCBasic is a professional PCBA manufacturer with 12 years of production experience. Here, we will introduce some information about our company and our industry. What you want to know about PCBA, we have it all! If you are interested in us, welcome to our website.


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