CaaS, Serverless, scale to zero.

A presentation at Web2day in in Nantes, France by Stéphane Philippart

Kubernetes is, for some time, more and more the norm in companies. With this new way of conceiving its Information System, of deploying and operating applications, new needs have been felt.

During this talk we will see together a typology of these needs which all revolve around one notion: how to simplify and optimize the deployment and execution of our containers? Indeed, without any particular configuration, whether your applications are used or not, a Kubernetes cluster will allocate resources to them … and therefore cost you money!

The other aspect is to simplify the deployment / configuration cycle of an application, not all developers want to become a black belt in YAML or Kubernetes to test their application in development on a cluster 😅.

This is where the notions of Container as a Service, Serverless and other “scale to zero” functionality come into play. Different means are at our disposal to cover these use cases. Knative will allow us to cover a large part of these needs. We will see together how to deploy it on a managed Kubernetes cluster and how to use it to simplify our life.

You will leave this talk, I hope, having understood the different solutions to address these problems having realized that it is possible to free yourself from proprietary solutions to get there 😉.


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