Sitecore and SaaS our shared journey

A presentation at Global Virtual SUGCON 2021 by Pieter Brinkman

Sitecore has been talking about its journey to SaaS for a while now, and with recent product releases and acquisitions this is now in full flight. Our approach is to share this journey to SaaS with our customers taking them with us as our Compossible DXP feature set expands over time.

With the release of Sitecore Experience Edge alongside the acquisitions of Four51 and Boxever we now have SaaS solutions covering content, commerce, and experience - but how do these systems work together to help customers to realise this dream?

In this session Pieter and Rob will take a look at how these new pieces of the Sitecore product suite can be combined to power rich, engaging experiences for new & existing customers across all channels, with each interaction backed by insights and intelligence.


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