Learning to love CSS

A presentation at c’t webdev in in Cologne, Germany by Rachel Andrew

The capabilities of CSS in 2020 could not have been imagined when CSS1 was first proposed and adopted into Internet Explorer 3 in 1996. Yet, a website built back then, using the simplest of CSS, will still work today - a testament to the resilience of the language and the desire of those who develop it to not break the web. However CSS sometimes has a bit of a bad reputation as a fragile language that frequently does something other than what you would expect.

Rachel Andrew has been using and teaching CSS since those early days and, in this keynote presentation will take you on a tour of the language as it was then, and as it is today. Discover why some things in CSS seem a little bit strange; how the CSS Working Group are redefining core parts of CSS to make them easier to understand, teach, and use. Find out how the CSS Working Group, browsers, and the web community work together on the language. Learn how contributing to the web platform has been the driving force in Rachel’s career for the last 23 years, and how you can get involved too.


The following code examples from the presentation can be tried out live.