What’s new on the web platform?

A presentation at Code Europe Krakow in in Kraków, Poland by Rachel Andrew

All three main browser engines now release updates on a regular cadence, each release bringing new features to the platform. We have seen major features such as Cascade Layers and Container Queries land across all browsers within a very short space of time. While this is really exciting, it can also feel like a lot to keep track of, and developers tell us that it can be hard to know exactly what will work across all browsers.

In this talk you’ll discover some surprising things that are built into the web platform today, things that are available now, or will be very soon across all main engines. You’ll learn how browsers are working together to make the experience of developing for the web easier. And, because rapid change means a lot to keep up with, you’ll find out how to keep track of what is ready to use in your projects today.