The practicalities and pitfalls of researching with children

A presentation at User research with kids: lessons from niche groups in in London, UK by The Research Thing

Frances Brown, CEO at Nightingale Research Twitter: @NGaleDesignRes

Carrying out research with children requires quick thinking and adaptability. What works for a ten-year-old might fail hopelessly for a six-year-old. In this talk, Frances will discuss the things to consider when designing research for young participants, and she will describe how working with children shaped and guided her approach to engaging with research participants of all ages.

About Frances Before becoming a design researcher, Frances worked in development psychology, carrying out research with children with autism, specific language impairment, dyslexia and down syndrome. She also trained as a primary teacher.

Since 2016 she has run Nightingale Design Research, a small consultancy in Nottingham. She has carried out research for a wide range of clients, including LEGO, NHS England and NHSX, the Department for Education, The Pensions Regulator, Balliol College Oxford and several Innovate UK-funded startups.



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