More extremes in research

A presentation at User research with kids: lessons from niche groups in in London, UK by The Research Thing

Thomas Visby Snitker, Senior Research Manager at The LEGO Agency Twitter: @tSnitker (@LEGO_Group)

As if research with humans wasn’t tricky already, research with young humans comes with significant challenges (and delights, too).

At LEGO, we run research with children in various cultures around the world, which adds an extra layer of concern. And extremes. Sometimes we learn the most in the extreme. (And sometimes we fail.)

I will give a few examples from my work and my recent book to get you thinking about the potential benefits of adding more extremes to research.

About Thomas Thomas helps LEGO projects of a great variety involve their audiences as much and as diversely as possible. He works to unify project timelines, research bias and business outcomes as he works with a very discerning global audience between the age of 6 and 12.



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