Practical Tips for Doing User Research with Older People

A presentation at User research with older people: lessons from niche groups in in London, UK by The Research Thing

Chloe Sharp, PhD; Senior Innovation Partner and Product Lead at Insights for Innovation

Twitter: @DrChloeSharp

This talk will cover practical tips for doing research with older people, older people with adult social care needs and older people whose English is a second language.

Throughout my 12-year research career, I’ve worked on projects within academia, local authorities and charities with older people. The projects I’ll be referring to in this talk are some projects I’ve completed with older people as participants. These projects have spanned my PhD studies, where I explored health topics with a small group of first-generation Polish community members, evaluated a Winter Wellness service for a local authority, talked about data analytics with older people that have used Adult Social Care services and evaluated a website with people with arthritis for an arthritis charity.

The tips will cover in-person and online qualitative research.