Modern DevOps - What does automation look like in a composable world?

A presentation at SUGCON ANZ 2022 in in Melbourne VIC, Australia by Rob Earlam

With Sitecore’s move to the Composable DXP, a lot of the previous DevOps works we completed is no longer applicable. With the release of XM Cloud most of the server instances we previously had to provision and scale when running XM, are now managed for us. However, there is still DevOps work to be completed – the XM Cloud instance can be customised, you’re still responsible for hosting the different heads used to deliver your unique experiences, and you still need to define the flow your development teams will be following.

The leads to questions like, how can you automate the deployment of your customisations into XM Cloud? How can you automate the deployment of the heads you’ve built to run against XM Cloud? What happens if you have different heads built in different technologies, all hosted on completely separate platforms? How can you automate the serialisation of content into XM Cloud? Do your developers need to run the full solution locally, or can they just develop the head they’re working on directly against XM Cloud?

In this session will focus on questions like these to show what DevOps looks like in a composable world. I’ll demonstrate some patterns you can use to optimise your deployments synchronised across all the different platforms you’ll be interacting with.

The session will provide demonstrations showing: • Automated Deployments • Multi-site instances • Multi-technology heads • Automated Content serialisation • Multi-environment deployments • Multiple example developer flows

The session will focus on the following technologies stacks: • Sitecore XM Cloud • GitHub Actions • Vercel for the JS heads • Azure for the .NET heads