Composable DevOps – Reliability at lightspeed!

A presentation at SUGCON EU 2022 in in Budapest, Hungary by Rob Earlam

Sitecore’s move to the Composable DXP brings a lot of benefits and flexibility to how you build with our products. With the adoption of cloud native, API first technologies the footprint of your application infrastructure is greatly reduced. This makes it far simpler for you to deploy and manage the remaining pieces of infrastructure that you’re in charge of, but there still DevOps fun to had!

In this session I will go over how DevOps looks in a Composable world, we’ll cover where technologies that are new to the Sitecore stack, like Vercel, fit in. I’ll show how you can leverage these to deploy your sites at blazing fast speed. That speed doesn’t come at a compromise though, we still get all the DevOps advantages we’ve become accustomed to like rock-solid reliability, zero downtime, and quick rollbacks when required.