Get on Stage!

A presentation at Dutch PHP Conference 2019 in in Amsterdam, Netherlands by Rowdy Rabouw

When I first started to attend conferences I looked up to speakers as if they were unreachable rockstars or better yet Gods who descended on our little blue planet. All-knowing creatures to educate us mere mortals.

Let me tell you a secret… that’s not true! They are just like you and me. Down to earth people who want to share their knowledge and experience to help others. You can be the one on this stage too.

Impostor syndrome is just a mind trick. I’m sure you also have something interesting to share which will benefit others. And guess what? Conference organizers are always on the lookout for new talent.

I will show you how to get started. How to pick a first topic and craft your first talk. How to get confident on stage and benefit from public speaking. And let’s bust some myths along the way too, shall we?



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