Drupal Gin Admin Theme: The Past, The Present & The Future

A presentation at DrupalCon Europe 2021 by Sascha Eggenberger

The Gin Admin Theme is the most used Admin Theme in Drupal 9. We’ll talk about how it started, how it’s going and where it’s heading.

While quite a young project, the adaption was quite impressive. Over 11,000 Sites are already using Gin today.

But whats the defining factor? Why should you use it? Whats the difference compared to Claro?

And most important: What are new features we’ll be adding to it? This will be quite packed, as there are a lot of exiting new features coming to Gin like the ability to change the density of the layout, a redesigned navigation approach, improvements to the overall layout, further improvements to the content editing experience and much more!



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