Redesign of an established Open Source CMS

A presentation at FOSDEM21 by Sascha Eggenberger

Drupal Admin UI: Past, Present and possible Future

In this session I’ll talk about the brief history of Drupal & the Drupal interface, how it has evolved and why this redesign is an important step for the future of Drupal. As it’s important to being inclusive and we treat this as a key value in the Drupal community we made inclusivity & accessibility the main priority.

I will dive into the Design System, the principles behind it and the new interfaces which are based off this Design System:

Claro The new, upcoming default admin experience.

Gin The so-called “Future UI” – which started as a pure vision and is now available as a contrib theme which you can use today.



The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

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