Akka Made Our Day

A presentation at Jfokus 2014 in in Stockholm, Sweden by Daniel Sawano

This presentation was given by Daniel Deogun and Daniel Sawano at the JFokus conference, Stockholm, 2014.

When mentioning Akka, most of us think of a framework allowing one to design high performant, scalable, and fault tolerant systems. But the question is, how can one utilize the power of Akka when surrounded by legacy? In this talk, we will share our insights and experiences from developing an international, government approved high performance system with Akka in a legacy environment. Despite that Akka APIs are more favorable in Scala, we decided to go with Java. A decision that turned out to be very important for the business. In addition, we will present how domain specific requirements influenced our design, the traps we walked into, and how everyone may benefit from Akka regardless of green or brown field development.