Cracking the Code to Secure Software

A presentation at Jfokus 2018 in in Stockholm, Sweden by Daniel Sawano

What is it that makes writing secure software so difficult? Why do we keep making the same mistakes? One challenge is that developers are busy delivering features, another is that security seems scary and complex. In this talk, we'll address this by combining tools and mindsets from Domain Driven Design along with a pinch of security. This way, we'll teach you how to create secure code while still focusing on delivering business features. We'll also present the basic principles of Secure by Design and show how security weaknesses can be addressed using good design principles and why you shouldn't fear security as a field. Finally, the ideas and patterns presented are directly applicable in your daily work regardless if you're working with legacy code or brand new state of the art software



The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.