Our Agile Pursuit of Happyness

A presentation at PRDC Deliver Conference in in Winnipeg, MB, Canada by Senthilkumar Gopal

A "happy" team is an "Efficient" team. The intended audience are developers, leads, managers and any individual part of a group or aspiring to lead a group.

This talk discusses how eBay embraced Agile methodology and as part of this effort, how we formed a new team to manage Identity Infrastructure. This talk takes the audience through the journey of how a group of individuals got together and transformed to an efficient and highly productive group. The journey is wrought with hurdles, battles and conquests and this talk bares the details of how a team rallies together against a common enemy. This talk identifies the key points of what keeps the team cohesive, motivated and challenged and the lessons learnt on how to keep a team "Happy" and always in the pursuit of its "Happiness"

We will discussing some of the ground rules, how to centralize the right things, how to breed a culture of learning, need for a safe space etc., How high levels of automation help achieve better quality of life. We would be talking about how everyone acts as everybody and flexible to take up any role and much more."