Content Management in the JAMStack

A presentation at JAMstack Conf in in San Francisco, CA, USA by Shy Ruparel

Content management might be one of the trickiest parts of the JAMStack. Building a workflow that lets non-technical colleagues make contributions with minimal effort while also enabling developers to implement changes independent of the editorial workflow is critical for any project. In this workshop, Shy Ruparel will walk through how you can use Contentful to manage content for your website, integrate content model changes into your workflow and combine content management with the testing phases of your deployment by incorporating Contentful into your continuous delivery pipeline.


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

  • TI4 Website

    This is a website to help organize games of Twilight Imperium in NYC. It's forked from the gatsby-starter-dimension created by codebushi and designed by HTML5 UP.

  • TI4 UI Extension

    Contentful UI Extension for tracking games of Twilight Imperium Fourth edition (ti4) played for the website.

  • Integrating migrations in a continuous delivery pipeline with CircleCI

    Like handling changes to a database, integrating Contentful into a continuous integration (CI) pipeline enables changes to a content model and migrating data as part of a deployment process. Further, it enables testing content changes and canceling a deploy process thereby preventing interruptions or downtime, in case the tests fail.

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