A presentation at BrumPHP in in Birmingham, UK by Stuart Langridge

If you run an open source project, you probably know quite a bit about the code and how it works. But how much do you know about your contributors? Who's joined the project and who's left? Are some sending in loads more PRs than others? Do you get to their PRs quickly while leaving others behind? Is the project busier than it was last week? Last month? Last year?

Measure ( fixes that. It's a "contributor management" dashboard; point it at your projects, and it'll show you a set of attractive graphs and stats for each of your repositories, each of your teams, and each of your contributors. It knows how to exclude people from your company from the stats, and it's all built as open source with node, PHP, and JavaScript. If you're a company with open source projects, you'll find it useful to Measure.


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