Running and monitoring a low maintenance Java web application

A presentation at Java2Days by Alexander Reelsen

Have you ever organized a conference? Attendees, speakers, visitors and organizers expect a website along the conference.

What started as a built vs. buy decision, ended pretty quickly on the build side, despite having only a few weeks until the conference starts up. How customized should it be? What features are needed? In this talk we will start with an empty application, evaluating technology backend choices like Java, Javalin, Pac4j and templating languages, then go to planning the functionalities like not storing any login information as well as feature planning up to running in production. Do we really need a SQL data store or can we use the existing API for the session submission? We will cover downtime free rollouts as well as integration of APM to figure out issues while running the application.

Of course we will cover the holy grail: the possibilities of a halfway decent frontend for backend developers.

This is also available as a multi part blog series.