Up and running with a Java based greenfield side project

A presentation at Java User Group Munich by Alexander Reelsen

So, you finally took the decision to run your little side project and registered an own domain name? Turns out the project is not done then. This talk walks through the steps from creating an initial application, testing it properly and optimizing for your own developer experience and happiness. You want simplicity and speed over everything else in that setup, as you don’t speed a ton of time on this. We will take a Javalin application, add authentication, figuring out which persistence layer to use, implementing business logic, adding a custom CSS framework build and backend developer friendly frontend libraries to iterate fast and reason for every step.

Also, how to deploy this as stress free as possible in production will be covered and how to manage your project - I’m sure you’re thrilled to know, how to manage yourself. And of course, we will also cover blind spots and why Java was picked.

Technologies shown in this presentation: Javalin, JDBI, pac4j, JTE, Digital Ocean App Platform, Tailwind CSS, htmx, Apache Echarts, Docker, gradle, errorprone, forbidden APIs.