Do you still need Sass in 2023?

A presentation at Twin Cities Drupal Camp in in Minneapolis, MN, USA by Aubrey Sambor

With so many new features being added to CSS in the past couple years, is Sass still needed in 2023? Is it time to remove Sass from your build process? What can native CSS and PostCSS do that can replace Sass functionality and how is PostCSS being used in Drupal 10?

In this session, I will discuss an overview of new CSS features that replace functionality in Sass, go over some PostCSS plugins that replicate Sass functionality, and briefly touch on how PostCSS is being used in Drupal 10.

Lastly, I will discuss when you might not want to replace Sass just yet and how you can use Sass AND native CSS together to take advantage of your existing build process.

It’s an exciting time to be a CSS developer and the perfect time to learn more about what CSS can do natively without using Sass.