retro bowl

A presentation at retro bowl in in New York, NY, USA by Steele Nickle

Inspire each member of the team to participate in their own unique manner. Make sure you are encouraging everyone in the team to contribute in their own manner. Many people have the desire to coerce others into stepping beyond of their comfort zones, for as by pressuring reserved workers to take the initiative in conversations. It is important to remember to play to the strengths of each individual, even though there is some value in pushing people to venture outside of their comfort zones. Someone who finds it difficult to communicate verbally could find it more comfortable to write down their ideas, engage in some quiet brainstorming with a smaller group, or stand up and take notes on the whiteboard. These are acceptable methods of being involved, and they bring out the best in people rather than putting them on the spot and producing fear rather than bringing out the worst in people. retro bowl