It’s My HomeLab - Why Do I Need SSO?

A presentation at Conf42 KubeNative by Matt Williams

Users. Roles. Single-sign on. These are enterprise features. I don’t need them in my homelab, right? Everyone’s homelab is different, and the reasons for building one are just as different. No matter why you built it, everyone should always be thinking least privilege. The problem is that least privilege, especially with Kubernetes, is hard. It doesn’t have to be. In this talk, you will see what can happen when you don’t implement least privilege, how to configure roles, and how to use them. We will look at how to do this with a number of tools and end with a quick look at doing everything with Infra which is 100% open source. You will leave the session with actionable next steps to get single sign on up and running in minutes at home using only open-source tools.