Design Systems for Email: Bring Order to the Chaos

A presentation at Iterable Activate in in San Francisco, CA, USA by Ted Goas

Most email designers at Activate have a wealth of knowledge in their head. But that’s the problem! It’s in their head, inaccessible to everyone they work with. An email design system educates and empowers everyone on the team - from marketers to developers - to create consistently-designed, properly-rendered email.

In this talk, I’ll share some of the tools you’ll need to create your own email design system: tips on getting executive buy-in, advice on where and how to begin setting it up, and how to prioritize what goes in it. I’ll illustrate it all with examples from our email design system at Stack Overflow, which facilitates over 4 million email sends a week.



The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.