The Power to Think Like a Native Hawaiian in Tech

A presentation at JSConf Hawaii in in Honolulu, HI, USA by Taylor Ho

Diversity, in both small and large tech companies, is now understood as a critical component to innovation. In the same way individual generalists are able to make connections across disciplines, members of a diverse team contribute perspectives that would have otherwise been unknown. This is perhaps what Steve Jobs was referencing to when he eloquently recited “Think Different”.

This talk uses my experiences as a Native Hawaiian programmer and designer working at Twitch as a launching point to discuss the benefits of introducing cultural and thought diversity into an organization.

This talk will also discuss core concepts I’ve learned from a Hawaiian upbringing that I believe can lead to positive contributions in the tech space, such as the benefits of being kolohe (having a rebellious nature), committing to aloha (in part the generous spirit of giving without expecting), favoring lōkahi (unity, harmony) over personal gain and others.

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