A Developer Primer on Blockchain

A presentation at Stockholm Blockchain Meetup in in Stockholm, Sweden by Martin Beeby

Come find out how you can build a peer-to-peer distributed ledger forged by consensus. Understand through code how to create “smart contracts” and develop a different type of transactional application that establishes trust, accountability and transparency, while streamlining business processes and legal constraints.

In this session, Martin Beeby will investigate how you can build applications on top of blockchain and show you how you can take an idea and convert that into a real application that provides real value for your business.

Together we will look at how developers are using blockchain in the real world and demystify some of the technical concepts so that we can start to discover how we can use this technology in our organisations.

You will learn how to build an application using smart contracts on top of Hyperledger and see how these techniques can solve different types of problem.

While building application on blockchain is relatively straightforward the initial set up of a network, scaling it and managing the security is complicated. In this context, Martin will explore a platform that help developers focus on the business problem rather than underlying complexities of the technology.