Universal Typography

A presentation at Industry in in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK by Tim Brown

This talk was first given at Inspire in Leiden, NL, in 2012. Since then it has evolved in minor ways, but its focus on fundamentals is still relevant. Also given at An Event Apart (San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Atlanta), Smashing (New York), and as a UIE Virtual Seminar. This recording from Industry is the best yet.

Official blurb: The web is universal and, in this talk, Tim Brown shows us how to practice typography in a way that is equally universal. Focusing on traditional typographic principles, while also embracing progressive enhancement, Tim explains how fonts, CSS, web-enabled devices, and user contexts coexist. Together, we will reevaluate what it means to successfully set type — and inform our routine decisions about typefaces, font sizes, and white space.


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