Into the world of super mario bros

A presentation at super mario bros in in New York, NY, USA by Christopher Jacobson

In Super Mario Bros., players take control of the iconic character Mario, with the option for a second player to control his brother, Luigi, in the game’s multiplayer mode. The primary goal is to navigate through the Mushroom Kingdom, overcoming obstacles presented by the main antagonist, Bowser, and ultimately rescuing Princess Toadstool. The game unfolds as a side-scrolling platformer, with players advancing to the right to reach the flagpole at the conclusion of each level.

Throughout the super mario bros, Mario encounters coins that contribute to his score. Special bricks marked with a question mark (?) may contain additional coins or reveal special items when hit from below by Mario. Some bricks, often concealed or invisible, may harbor extra coins or rare items. Upon obtaining a Super Mushroom, Mario grows to twice his size, gaining the ability to break bricks above him. If Mario sustains damage in this powered-up state, he reverts to his regular size rather than losing a life.