North Star metrics & OKRs to show DevRel Value and get Focus

A presentation at DevRelCon Earth 2020 by Vera Tiago

Choosing the right metrics to measure, and prove the value of DevRel isn’t always an easy thing to do. During 2019 I’ve found out that Norths Stars OKRs are great tools to challenge what the team was doing and bring focus on what matters most to developers and the company. I also realized that shared OKRs are the key to breaking down silos and creating alignment between different teams.

In this talk, I will tell my story and share practical tips and examples of the use of these tools to show DevRel value and get focus.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The process to define a shared OKR (identifying the biggest pain points from developers and creating an ad hoc team that will last as long as you have that shared OKR)
  • The nuts & bolts of shared OKRs (with real examples of goals, key results, and tools used)
  • Top challenges and pitfalls

Buzz and feedback

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