Guarding GraphQL: Strategies for Robust API Authorization

A presentation at API World in in Santa Clara, CA, USA by Viktor Gamov

Navigating API security in today’s digital world is a complex task. The rise of GraphQL has introduced new challenges and opportunities in API authorization. In our enlightening talk, “Guarding GraphQL: Strategies for Robust API Authorization”, Viktor Gamov, a Principal Developer Advocate at Kong, will share valuable insights on GraphQL authorization techniques for securing your APIs effectively.

Viktor will start with a concise overview of GraphQL, underlining its advantages over traditional REST APIs, including its capacity for clients to define precise data needs, boosting application performance.

He’ll then delve into the crux of GraphQL authorization. He will discuss how API management platforms, like Kong, can secure GraphQL APIs and share best practices for implementing role-based access control. Real-world scenarios will be used to bring these principles to life, demonstrating how to strike a balance between flexible API access and stringent security requirements.

Viktor will highlight how GraphQL encourages efficient development, bridging the gap between front-end and back-end teams. To wrap up, he’ll gaze into the future of GraphQL, discussing advanced features like real-time updates with GraphQL subscriptions.

Join Viktor Gamov for an insightful exploration of GraphQL authorization. This talk is designed for API architects, developers, and product managers eager to strengthen their API security while maximizing the potential of GraphQL.


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