Basic design principles for developers

A presentation at Drupalcamp London in in London, UK by Justine Pocock

I will cover 4 visual design principles which are easy to follow and apply to all websites. They will help you to make a better-looking website, comply with accessibility laws and provide a better user experience.

I will not be talking about front-end tooling or even any complex CSS, this is solely how to look at your website and make some considerations towards its design.

I was also invited to give this talk at Drupalcamp Ghent later in the year.



The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

  • My write up

    If you can’t listen to the video, or decphering my slides is too hard then check out my Medium post on this. You already know this, you know what is a good design and what is a bad design. Trust your gut. But how do you trust your gut when you don’t know what it’s saying?

  • This talk again, in Ghent.

    The wonderful Drupalcamp Belgium invited me to talk at their camp. I wasn’t going to say no…